Canada’s Big Licensed Cannabis Companies Have Ties To Organized Crime & Government Insiders

Canada’s Big Licensed Cannabis Companies Have Ties To Organized Crime & Government Insiders

CBC News has just reported that:

“An investor in a major Canadian cannabis company has had longstanding ties, including business dealings, with influential Mafia members and drug traffickers…Another investor in the same company has links with a prominent member of the Rizzutos, the powerful Montreal crime family…. In still another case, an individual managed to sell his cannabis business to one of the big players in the industry, despite his connections to drug traffickers. In return, he received shares in the company and rented out space for a cannabis grow-op.” (source)

Independent dispensary operators are now being arrested under the new Cannabis Act, under the guise of fighting organized crime. (source)… while the most powerful criminals are apparently allowed to partner with government insiders to take over the market.(source)

So, we have government insiders partnering with the Mafia to take over the Canadian Cannabis market, and who’s growing it? Temporary foreign workers. Yes, your government is trying to put small Canadian farmers out of business, and they want you to buy Mexican grown weed sold by them and their Mafia pals. (source)

How many government insiders have ever owned any shares of the confirmed criminal owned LP?
What part did these government officials play in approving this criminal owned LP?
How much money have these people made by partnering with criminal organizations to take over Canada’s Cannabis market?

Keeping organized crime out of the market has never been the true goal of “legalization”. The true goal has always been corporatization. The goal has always been market consolidation, away from small farmers and dealers to these large crony corporations with their cheap imported labour. They claim they are creating a new industry, but really it’s just organized crime partnering with the police to take out all the independent dealers and growers.